WARNING: a few Firefox users are experience lag spikes every few seconds. If you are experiencing this issue, please either download the executable or use Google Chrome until we can get to fixing it after the Jam.

This Game was made for the GMTK JAM

You play as Timmy and his Big Bad Hammer.   Swing the Hammer sends Little Timmy flying.  He is small after all.  

Play in Browser, smash crystals and  get Timmy to the door.

Controls: WASD / Left - Right mouse buttons / Press R if you get stuck.

This Game was made by two people: 

  • Zack Rock (Programmer)
  • Garrett Priddy (Art, Sound, Design)


Nick Johnson for Moral support,  and Mark Brown for being awesome.


TimmysBigBadHammerWindows.zip 19 MB